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Guest Portal Login

HFS communicates directly only with our agreement holders, the students who have applied for housing, who are in residence, or who have recently vacated. However, for students who wish to give access to account information, we have created the guest portal tool to provide authorized guests access to student account information.

If you are a parent or family member who would like to have access to your student's account information: Please speak with your student, who may create a four-digit PIN number that will allow you to log in below.

If you are a student who would like to authorize another person to have access to your account information: Please fill out the HFS section on your Student Personal Services page and communicate to the authorized persons what email address and PIN number can be used to log in to this page.

HFS cannot authorize guests and cannot provide PIN numbers to any person. Additionally, HFS does not send billing statements or other types of information to parents or authorized guests. We encourage families to establish a communication plan to ensure everyone knows what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Guest authorization

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits HFS from sharing student information with any person unless the student has given permission to do so.

A student may authorize up to two people to access their account. This authorization is given when the student fills out the HFS section on their Student Personal Services page.

A valid email address and four-digit PIN number, created by the student, are required to establish authorization.

The student, after establishing authorization, must communicate to the authorized party login information. Use that information to log in below to view the student’s Statement of Account.

Forgot your PIN?

If you or the student has forgotten the PIN, it can be reset by the student at any point via the Release Authorizations section of the HFS Student Profile. HFS cannot share nor change PIN numbers.

Access to HFS account information is assigned and functions separately from UW tuition-information access.

Please log in below to continue to the HFS Guest Portal.

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